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I’ll be at the Midwest Writer’s Conference 2017 in Indianapolis, IN from October 6-8, 2017. Click the link above to see the details.

I haunt facebook and Google+ frequently. Feel free to add me to your friends and circles on each. Check out the CONTACT page for links to my pages.

I’m also a frequent on Lord of the Rings Online game, code name Teekabell. *snicker* Call it an outlet for the stresses of writing and a semi-full time job. (Or you could call it what it REALLY is... a wonderful tool to use in the fine art of procrastination.) You can find the game HERE.


As all writers do from time to time, I found myself in a funk the past few months. Planning hasn’t seemed to help so I’ve been writing whatever book/character is speaking tome at the time. It led to a little gem I fell in love with called A Dad for Sebastian.

I’m also doing some books for Changeling Press. The newest series there is called Nebula 5. There are a total of four books in that so be on the look out.

My billionaire vigilante series is still being looked at. I’m still working out the details.
As always, you can find me by e-mail or hanging out on the Changeling Press Bar and Grillefacebook loop.