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I haunt facebook and Google+ frequently. Feel free to add me to your friends and circles on each. Check out the CONTACT page for links to my pages.

I’m also a frequent on Lord of the Rings Online game, code name Teekabell. *snicker* Call it an outlet for the stresses of writing and a semi-full time job. (Or you could call it what it REALLY is... a wonderful tool to use in the fine art of procrastination.) You can find the game HERE.


A Hero to Dance with Me, Steve's story, is out! GO ME! I'm currently trying to think up a title for the last book in this series. But, A Hero to Tie Me Up and Spank My Luscious Butt wouldn't fit on the cover. I anticipate having the book ready before I figure out the title.

Gladiator Wolf (which may or may not keep the same name) is coming along nicely. That book will be release this year, if nothing happens, and I'm SOOOO ready! Since March I've been thinking about this book. It's the reason Shara made me do the prequels. I couldn't focus on anythign else and she was tired of my "blood clot whining." Her words. *rolling eyes* Anyway, look for this book, as well as some contests and chats surrounding it.

As always, you can find me by e-mail or hanging out on the Changeling Press Bar and Grill yahoo loop. ([email protected])